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Apple vs. Google in Mobile Advertising (Video) *Who Will Win?*

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Apple (AAPL) market capitalization is 2nd largest in the USA at $240.64B with last 12 months sales of $42.91. Google (GOOG) market capitalization is 14th largest in the USA at $151.75B with last 12 months sales of $23.65B. By market capitalization, the largest USA technology companies are: Apple #1, Microsoft #2, IBM #3, Google #4.

Apple vs. Google: Mobile Advertising

Smartphones are the future and mobile advertising is the cash flow future! Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the new personalized, mobile advertising system, iAd, on April 8, 2010. This was after Apple had acquired Quattro, a mobile advertising company, in January, 2010. iAd competes directly, and replaces, Google's mobile advertising platform. Apple has gone into the mobile advertising business plus designs and sells the mobile ads. Obviously, the iAd platform is a direct threat to Google's advertising revenues, since Apple is now in the mobile advertising business.

Google has a mobile advertising platform to go squarely against Apple iAd with the AdMob acquisition. Google also acquired Invite Media, a demand-side platform, which helps buyers navigate high-volume display advertising exchanges. Originally the Apple iAd developers agreement excluded Google. However, Apple began to loosen up their exclusionary tactics as the FTC began to scrutinize their trade practices. This is to Google's advantage, of course, and Google mobile ads are on the iPad and iPhone platforms.

Google gives away the smartphone Android operating system to be able to place ads on the platform - Google's Android strategy is all about mobile ads. iAd has access to Apple's 120 million iOS devices and CEO Steve Jobs says he has $60 million in iAd advertiser commitments in the second half of  2010. Google, via AdMob, has access to more mobile devices  plus the number of devices using Android is growing rapidly.

Clash of the Titans: Apple vs. Google in Mobile Advertising

(CNBC) Google and Apple are clashing on the mobile advertising front, reports CNBC's Jon Fortt. Chris Cunningham, of Appssavvy, shares his view.

Later in the above video is a discussion about Apple relaxing some developer restrictions on tools used to create iOS applications, which is positive news for Adobe (ADBE).

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