Friday, September 10, 2010

Apple TV vs. Google TV (Video) *Who Will Win?*

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Apple (AAPL) market capitalization is 2nd largest in the USA at $240.33B with last 12 months sales of $42.91. Google (GOOG) market capitalization is 14th largest in the USA at $151.76B with last 12 months sales of $23.65B. By market capitalization, the largest USA technology companies are: Apple #1, Microsoft #2, IBM #3, Google #4.

Apple TV vs. Google TV

Apple CEO Steve Jobs relaunched Apple TV on September 1 at the Apple Special Event. Google CEO Eric Schmidt previewed Google TV in May at the Google I/O Conference. Apple TV is shipping right now and Google TV should be available before the holidays. The first head-to-head competition between Apple TV and Google TV will be later this year.

The Apple and Google business models are different. Apple TV is a $99 box to access streaming TV shows and movies on the consumer flat screen. Google TV is a software to access consumer TV and in conjunction with their partners: Intel making the chips for compatible TVs and set top boxes, Sony TVs with the software built in, and Logitech ItRevue set top boxes will connect the TVs. Google will presumably make money through advertising.

Clash of the Titans: Apple TV vs. Google TV

(CNBC) Apple and Google are fighting for your flat screen, with CNBC's Jon Fortt.

Later in the above video is a discussion about Apple relaxing some restrictions on tools used to create iOS applications, which is positive news for Adobe (ADBE).

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