Sunday, September 30, 2012

Big Tech Assets Rise, Apple Reaches Record $163 Billion

This is the technology sector reported financial position going into the October earnings season.

Total Assets

The Largest USA Tech Companies have reported all-time high aggregate total assets of $940 billion. This is a net increase of +$14 billion and +1.6% from the prior quarter. Apple led the way, and continues pulling away, with another incredible +$11.9 billion quarterly increase, followed by Google (+$8.9 billion), and Microsoft (+$3.3 billion). A huge decrease was reported by HP (-$10.1 billion), followed by Oracle (-$1.8 billion), and IBM (-$1.5 billion).

The $100 Billion Club: For the latest quarter reported, Apple continues #1 and largest at $162.9 billion. Microsoft moved up to #2 at $121.3 billion while HP slipped to third at $117.6 billion. IBM continues at #4 with $113.8 billion. Cisco is #5 at $91.8 billion.

The next group is #6 Google at $86.1 billion, #7 Oracle ($76.6 billion), and #8 Intel ($72.4 billion). Qualcomm and EMC are a more distance #9 and #10 at $42.4 billion and $35.0 billion, respectively. Amazon is last and #11 at $21.0 billion. I have included Amazon because of the Kindle Fire, streaming, cloud services, and the resulting competition with others listed.

Capital Ratio

The Largest USA Tech Companies have reported an average capital to assets ratio of 54.53%, a slight decrease of -0.85% from the prior quarter. Six of the eleven companies reviewed reported increases, led by Intel (+2.3%) and followed by EMC (+0.85%) and Oracle (+0.84%). Google and Microsoft reported the largest decreases at -4.79% and -3.46%, respectively.

For the latest quarters reported, Qualcomm (77%) continues leading Google (75%) to have the strongest capital position. Apple is #3 at 69%, followed closely by Intel at 67%. Next are EMCCiscoOracle, and Microsoft at 63%, 57%, 56%, and 55%, respectively. Amazon is 9th at 36%, followed by HP (27%) and finally IBM (18%) is last and #11.

Updated through Oracle quarterly financial results reported 9-20-12
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