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USA Mobile Advertising Market Share 2010: Google & Apple Early Leaders (Chart) *Battle for the Future*

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Google has early advantage in USA mobile advertising with 300,000 Android handsets being activated daily

USA Mobile Advertising Market Share 2010: Google & Apple Early Leaders

IDC is reporting that for 2010 estimated, Google and Apple are the early leaders in the booming mobile ad display market. Google leads with 19% followed closely by Apple at 18.8%. Millennial Media is 3rd (15.4%), Yahoo is 4th (10.1%), Jumptap is 5th (8.4%), and Microsoft is 6th (7.8%). "Other" comprises the largest share at 20.5%. There are plenty of competitors in the exponentially growing mobile advertising business.

Google is expected to pull ahead as more Android devices will be sold than Apple iOS devices. Andrew Rubin, Google VP of Engineering, tweeted on December 9 that 300,000 Android phones are being activated daily, which is a blowout number. So even though Apple launched iAd, a mobile advertising platform, in July 2010, the sheer number of Android devices is projected to maintain and even extend Google's lead in both mobile ad display and mobile search.

Google noted during the Q3 earnings call: The excellent Q3 financial results derive from Google operating in the worldwide digital economy which is growing rapidly as the web expands and more people come online. Google's emerging businesses, especially noted and discussed was the open Android operating system, are exploiting this digital economic growth. The mobile platform is experiencing tremendous growth, Google is monetizing this growth, and considers this the future to ultimately exceed the PC platform. New ad formats and the display network are improving revenues. Search is still the Google core business and will continue to be, although both display and applications are considered equally significant for resource and development allocation and ultimately for revenues. Read more at Google Earnings Conference Call.

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