Monday, October 11, 2010

Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7 (Videos) *Aims at Apple iPhone & Google Android* MSFT AAPL GOOG

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LG Optimus 7 with Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7
Microsoft Windows Phone 7 vs. Apple iPhone vs. Google Android

Microsoft unveiled the new Windows Phone 7 at a press conference in New York City on October 11. The new phone will be available to USA consumers on November 8 and in some European markets on October 21. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Ralph de la Vega, President and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, hosted the event. Nine devices manufactured by Dell, HTC, LG, and Samsung were displayed, will be available on the AT&T network, and all will sell for $199.99. For Microsoft, this is a "fresh start" in the smartphone market. Microsoft is clearly aiming at rivals Apple and Google. Growth in smartphone sales is expected to be higher than growth in PC sales this year and long-term as consumers go mobile and untethered from PCs.

Ambitious Goal Microsoft's press release states, "REDMOND, Wash. – Oct. 11, 2010 – The goal for Microsoft’s latest smartphone is an ambitious one: to deliver a phone that truly integrates the things people really want to do, puts those things right in front of them, and either lets them get finished quickly or immerses them in the experience they were seeking."

Fresh Start, New Approach, Gains in Smartphone Market Microsoft further says, "The new phone is an important step for Microsoft in three ways. To begin, it is a completely fresh start for Microsoft in smartphones. Second, it represents a new approach from Microsoft toward integrating products and services from across the company into the phone to create a richer experience and greater productivity. Hence the presence of Office, Zune and Xbox LIVE and their integration within the Hub model. And finally, the new phone approach is critical to Microsoft’s efforts to make new gains in the huge smartphone market, which despite the success of the iPhone and Android is still relatively untapped globally."

Committed to Windows Phone 7 Every employee is going Windows 7 Phone per Microsoft, "Microsoft is so committed to the new phone that it has arranged for every full-time employee worldwide to be able to switch to the new phone as soon as it launches in their market. And while executives say they are thrilled with the final product, they also acknowledge there is a lot more to be done. When the phone is released, they plan to enjoy the moment – but not for long. “There’s so much more of Microsoft we’ve got to bring out in the phone,” says Myerson. “We’ve got a lot of work to do.” (Terry Myerson, corporate vice president of Windows Phone engineering at Microsoft, led the development group for the new phone.)

Below is a Reuters news video covering the Windows Phone 7 launch and a second video that is the Microsoft and AT&T news conference.

(Reuters) Oct 11 - Microsoft is trying to regain market share from the iPhone and Google's Android system with its new line of Windows 7 smart phones. Bobbi Rebell reports.

(Microsoft and AT&T Press Conference on Windows Phone 7, Oct. 11, 2010) Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, host a joint press conference in New York City to discuss the latest developments for Windows Phone 7.

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