Friday, March 19, 2010

Where to Find Osprey Flyer & Friends on the Internet



Matrix Markets
S&P 500 and related sectors plus US Dollar; chart review and commentary

Fade Me
Stock analysis & swing trading plus witty commentary & interesting images, lol

Charts and Coffee
Market & stock analysis plus swing trading; very forthright & honest anlaysis

Jr Deputy Accountant
Economic commentary: must read to appreciate; headlines & perspectives are classics, lol

Buy On The Dip
Market & stock analysis plus insightful fast & swing trading

The Universe- Solved!
Is the Universe, our objective reality, really a programmed reality, a simulated reality, a virtual reality?


Mountain Vision
Microblogging interesting news, thoughts, philosophy

Osprey Flyer
Microblogging technology stocks and news

Fin Con Inc (Financial Controls)
Microblogging banking, finance, and credit market news

Solomon Osprey
Microblogging science and the Universe, especially astronomy, astrophysics

Boom Doom Economy
Microblogging global and USA macroeconomic news and perspectives

Matrix Reality
Microblogging reality itself: objective, virtual, augmented, programmed, & simulated realities

Matrix Control
Microblogging force and control systems in our reality and life

Google Investor
Microblogging about Google (GOOG) stock as an investment

Apple Reporter (Apple News)
Microblogging Apple news & AAPL stock as an investment

Google Reporter (Google News)
Microblogging Google news


Posts Twitter feed from @MountainVision
Sometimes page doesn't load, shows error, I don't know why...

Posts Twitter feed from @MountainVision


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